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Financing (C-Pace)

“Zero dollars out of Pocket”

Positive Cash Flow from Day One

If you own or operate a building that is inefficient, you are throwing money out the window.

Many larger (>15,000 sq. ft.) commercial and industrial buildings that were built prior to the 1980’s are inefficient in structure and systems (lighting, HVAC, controls, etc…).  Upgrading these systems improves your efficiency and saves you money.  The money you save in operating and maintenance pays for the system improvements and in most cases gives you a positive cash flow on DAY 1.

C-Pace financing offers loans as long as 25-years, depending on the installed components for the project (windows, 25-years; DDC controls, 11-years).  In multiple asset improvements, the loan years are weighted between the improvements.

C-Pace financing is for clean energy upgrades, they offer relatively low-cost loans for up to 25-years, and the building owner pays over time through a senior assessment placed on the property (much like a monthly utility or tax bill paid to the town assessor’s office).  The assessment stays with the property regardless of ownership.  If you sell the property, the new owner has the assessment, it’s passed through to the new owner.

Our technical analysis of savings (new systems vs: your old existing systems) on the assets installed is checked by the C-Pace energy team.  The savings investment ratio must be greater than one (1) for the project to move forward.  After the systems are installed we will commission them and visit the site for the next two years and maintain and adjust as necessary to make sure your savings are aligned with our projections for years to come.