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Project Description


The Republic Restaurant – Capitol Avenue, Hartford, CT

The owners of the Republic restaurant contacted us pertaining to the HVAC design they had for their new restaurant. The cost of that design was too expensive for them to open the restaurant and they were contemplating switching the space to a common office with the most basic of mechanicals. The original design utilized older technological designs consisting of roof top (6 stories up) air cooled chiller, a four-pipe distribution system and a boiler for heat and hot water. The original cost of that design was $450,000.


Energy Vectors value-engineered the HVAC system using latest designs and technologies.  The heart of the system was a Samsung Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system with heat recovery. We installed a 20-ton VRF system with 5 zones, simplified the make-up air system, installed a smaller condensing boiler to handle the domestic water loads and the makeup air.  We control all of this with programmable controls that schedule start and stop times based on occupancy.  This designed saved the customer $150,000 on initial costs.  The operation and maintenance is much less because of the vicinity of all equipment, its located within the space and on the ground floor.  Power and gas costs are much lower because of heat recovery and variable speed controls.

The Savings

The restaurant enjoys quiet comfort and control.  All owners are very satisfied with the re-design and installation.  The patrons have even temperatures with fewer drafts and hot/cold spots.  Samsung systems operate at the highest level seasonal energy efficiency ratios (SEER) in the industry.  A very satisfied customer with long-term operational savings and first costs 33% less than conventional HVAC system designs.

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