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Project Description

The Situation

A 23,000 square foot, three story, office building located in Northern, CT. The building was electrically heated and cooled with six roof-top-units (RTU’s). The existing RTU’s were Carrier 50DD series built in the 1970’s.

The RTU’s were in need of constant repair and parts replacement. The compressors and coils were beginning to fail and the cost to operate the units in the summer and winter was very high. It was time for the owner to consider replacing the RTU’s.

The Solution

Energy Vectors, utilizing financing through CT Green bank, and sustainable real estate solutions, designed a new gas/electric RTU system replacement. Gas for heating and electric for cooling. We also designed in economizers for free-cooling with dual-enthalpy controls. New programmable thermostats were used to control the RTU’s on and occupancy schedule.


The biggest cost savings was from the reduced electrical consumption and demand from switching to gas from electric heating.

Net positive cash flow was immediate after the installation.

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