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Project Description


The Suffield House is a 128 bed nursing home consisting of 61,000 square feet of bedrooms, common areas and meeting rooms.  They had a 25 + year old atmospheric (80% efficient) boiler system with an injection loop to supply the water-source heat pumps.  Primary, constant volume, water pumps circulated water to the heat pumps.  An original cooling tower existed that was also constant volume with only start stop controls.

The Solution

Energy Vectors redesigned the HVAC system by replacing the boiler with new condensing, HTP boilers running at 96% efficiency.  The pumps were replaced with ECM motors and more efficient pump impellers.  The tower and fan were replaced and operates on variable frequencies depending on the building loads.

The Savings

Power and gas consumption in the building were reduced by 20% each.  Maintenance costs have dropped dramatically, while comfort and control has increased beyond initial expectations of the maintenance and administrative staff.

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