Residential Services
  • Heating
  • Living in New England, our heating systems are the most used temperature controlling systems that we have. And with todays constant rising energy costs, we can't afford to not have them working at their highest efficiencies. Therefore, at Energy Vectors, our main focus it to provide conducive results in efficiency whether we are maintaining an existing installation or implementing new installations.

    • All types serviced: (Propane, Electric, Gas, Oil)
    • Highest level of expertise and quality
    • All brands serviced

  • Cooling (Air Conditioning)
    • Installation of superior quality central air systems
    • Inspection and Maintenance of existing systems:

    If you have a central air system installed at your home, you should have it inspected on a yearly basis. Energy Vectors offers quality central air system inspection to prevent system failure. Especially at the worst time a failure usually happens - a hot summer day.

  • Ventilation
    • Top of the line ductwork design and implementation
    • Full duct system cleaning, repair, and maintenance
    • Quality of air control: Installation of whole house air filtration systems and whole house dehumidification

  • Geothermal << Click to go to Geothermal page.

  • Solar Heating & Photovoltaics(PV) << Click to go to Solar Heating & Photovoltaics page.

  • Energy Audits
  • Maximize your energy efficiency. At Energy Vectors, we offer detailed energy audits to residential homes. We will analyze and assess all heating and cooling efficiencies in your home and show you how to have the least energy loss possible when it comes to heating and cooling your home.

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