Lighting Services

  • Comprehensive Building Energy Audit and Proposal
  • Utility Rebate Estimate/Management
  • EPACT 2005 Tax Incentive
  • Baseline Analysis – “Real Time” Measurement and Verification Services
  • Lamp and Hazardous Waste Recycling Services
  • Lease Finance Options

With utility rates on the rise and facilities maintenance costs skyrocketing you need a solutions based approach to saving energy and money. Installing an energy efficient lighting system will provide an immediate and quantifiable return on investment.

Warehouse Lighting 1 Let the experts at Energy Vectors provide a comprehensive, unbiased approach to analyze your lighting needs. We will provide an onsite facility energy audit which will assess all areas of energy savings opportunities.
Warehouse Lighting 2 Fluorescent solutions are just one of many options. Each specific area will be evaluated to reduce energy consumption, lower maintenance costs, and improve the quality of visible light. Products will be selected to provide maximum performance while maintaining required light levels.

Let us provide you with an energy audit and complete solutions based approach with detailed analysis and savings which will include local utility rebates and an EPACT 2005 tax deduction.

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