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Each year, billions of dollars worth of gas, oil and electricity are wasted in residential and commercial buildings due to the inefficient operation of heating, central air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. In an effort to improve upon this area of loss, Energy Vectors has found a single source of efficient products in IntelliCon®, produced by Intellidyne, which promotes its products as "delivering energy consumption savings of 10-30%" without affecting the general surrounding area's comfort level.

IntelliCon® Products Intellicon Products

  • CHW - Commercial Heat Economizer
  • CHS - Commercial Steam Heat Economizer
  • LCH - Light-Commercial Heat Economizer
  • LCS - Light-Commercial Steam Heat Economizer
  • HW - Residential Heat Economizer
  • RU - Commercial Refrigeration Electrical Economizer
  • CAC - Commercial Air Conditioner Electrical Economizer
  • AC - Air Conditioner Electrical Economizer

"IntelliCon® products are the first to significantly reduce energy consumption, lower energy costs and have a positive impact on the environment."

The Benefits of the IntelliCon® System Snowy Mountains with lake in valley

  • Easily installed on current heating or cooling systems.
  • Works in conjunction with existing controls.
  • Does not require seasonal programming.
  • Automatically compensates for load and outdoor temperature changes.
  • Monitors and analyzes load on heating and cooling systems.
  • Reduces energy consumption, wear and tear on the equipment, maintenance requirements and pollution.

Markets Served
The IntelliCon® system is appropriate for manufacturing plants, school and university systems, municipal and commercial facilities such as major supermarkets, office buildings, hospitals, and places of worship, as well as residential/housing structures.

  • End Users, including residential, commercial, and industrial facilities

Energy Vectors Offers

  • Sales
  • Application design and engineering
  • Installation coordination

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