Energy Vectors rents and/or sells quality data acquisition products to help you determine your current level of energy use and record the success of efficiency improvements. A variety of data loggers by fourier systems are available-choose the product that suits your needs.

A stand-alone compact device for managing all your data logging in the most efficient and convenient manner, MicroLog's user-friendly display and two-key functionality are hard to beat. You can also gather temperature, pH, voltage, current or contact information by adding external sensors. MicroLog software allows you to download and analyze collected data or export it to Excel®. User-defined alarm levels can be set for specific shipments to alert you when thresholds are crossed.


  • Transportation
  • Food Storage
  • Museums
  • HVAC
  • Controlled Areas

MicroLog® Plus
The MicroLog® Plus is a unique system based on the MicroLog - a mini temperature and humidity data logger. The MicroLog Plus allows users to communicate with up to 200 MicroLogs and receive all real-time measurements on one computer. The MicroLog Plus incorporates wireless communication between the loggers and the computer. Capable of receiving data from loggers located up to 300m away from the computer, this is a cost effective solution for multiple data logging.


  • Supermarkets
  • Food Transportation
  • Storage
  • Air conditioning and ventilation
  • Clean room
  • Warehouses
  • Art galleries

The DAQPRO is a portable battery operated data acquisition and logging system offering 16 bits, high-resolution 8 channel data logger. The DAQPRO feature powerful graphical display and analysis functions for measuring voltage, current and temperature. It is designed to provide a professional, compact, stand-alone, low cost data logging system for a wide variety of applications.


  • Quality assurance
  • Plant and machine condition monitoring
  • Field monitoring stations
  • Automotive testing
  • HVAC
  • Plant trouble-shooting
  • Electricity transients fail detection
  • Monitoring of environmental conditions
  • Food, drugs and electronic equipment storage conditions
  • Water quality testing
  • Research and more...