Ductless Air Conditioning

Offering a complete selection of environment comfort products for residential and commercial application from Panasonic, Fujitsu, LG, and Mitsubishi.

Our systems include cooling only and heat pump, wallmounted, floor/ceiling mounted and ceiling cassette type air conditioners.

Ductless Air Conditioners
Ductless Air Conditioners A ductless air conditioner, also called a mini-split system, has two major components: a unit mounted on an inside wall that delivers cool air to the room and a unit mounted on the outside of the house. A pair of refrigerant lines run between the two, one delivering electricity, the other taking away condensate (water). The system also has thermostatic control and a variable quiet blower. A ductless system has several advantages, first and foremost a thermostat that can keep the room at a constant, comfortable temperature instead of blasting on and off. In addition, you don't have to move a split system in and out of the window as the seasons change, and you don't have the open-window security concerns of a moveable unit

Heat Pumps
A heat pump is like a conventional air conditioner except it also can provide heat in winter. In the summer, the heat pump collects heat from inside and expels it outside. In the winter, the heat pump extracts heat from outside air and circulates it inside the structure. A heat pump can use 30 to 60 percent less energy to supply the same heat when compared to an electric furnace with a resistance heating element.

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