Superior energy management is good business. Recent research suggests that leaders in energy management are able to achieve superior financial performance. Whether your business is commercial, industrial, or institutional, energy is part of your value chain and managing it strengthens your bottom line.

Based on the successful practices of ENERGY STAR partners, guidelines for energy management can assist your organization in improving its energy and financial performance while distinguishing your organization as an environmental leader.

Commit to Continuous Improvement
Organizations seeing the financial returns from superior energy management continuously strive to improve their energy performance. Their success is based on regularly assessing energy performance and implementing steps to increase energy efficiency.

Appoint an Energy Director - Sets goals, tracks progress, and promotes the energy management program.

Appointing an Energy Director is a critical component of successful energy programs. An Energy Director helps an organization achieve its goals by establishing energy performance as a core value. The Energy Director is not always an expert in energy and technical systems. Successful Energy Directors understand how energy management helps the organization achieve its financial and environmental goals and objectives. Depending on the size of the organization, the Energy Director role can be a full-time position or an addition to other responsibilities.

Establish an Energy Team - Executes energy management activities across different parts of the organization and ensures integration of best practices.

Decisions affecting energy use are made every day by people. Creating an energy team helps to integrate energy management. In addition to planning and implementing specific improvements, the team measures and tracks energy performance and communicates with management, employees and other stakeholders.

The size of the energy team will vary depending on the size of your organization. In addition to the Energy Director who leads the team and possible dedicated energy staff, consider including a representative from each operational area that significantly affects energy use.

Institute an Energy Policy - Provides the foundation for setting performance goals and integrating energy management into an organization's culture and operations.

An Energy Policy provides the foundation for successful energy management. It formalizes senior management's support and articulates the organization's commitment to energy efficiency for employees, shareholders, the community and other stakeholders.