Chiller Cooling Systems

Energy Vectors has found excellent water chillers and cooling systems from American Chillers.. Freestanding and rooftop units are made from cost-effective, highest-quality materials and provide long-lasting low-maintenance, high-performance results. In addition, American Chillers products come with the industry's longest limited warranties on parts.

American Chillers Provides:

  • Package Water Chillers, including single-circuit packaged chillers
  • Cooling Tower Systems, including Fiberglass Cooling Towers in sizes ranging from 2 to 200 tons
  • Plant Cooling Systems
  • Custom Dry Cleaning Cooling Systems
  • Evaporative Coolers
  • Air Handling Systems
  • Storage tanks, pumps and accessories!
The Benefits of Products from American Chillers
  • Units are constructed for high efficiency.
  • Fiberglass casing is durable and secured with stainless steel hardware.
  • Steel framing is protected with superior anti-corrosive coating.
  • Cabinets are powdered-coated steel.
  • Rooftop units feature design that includes aerodynamic shaping for wind resistance and optimum performance.
Markets Served
American Chillers cooling systems and units are appropriate for commercial facilities, warehouses, and industrial plants, and possibly large residential structures.
  • Plating lines
  • Plastic injection molding lines
  • Welding machine cooling
  • Data centers
  • Laundry and dry cleaning establishments
Energy Vectors Offers
  • Sales to specialty marketing of laundry and dry cleaning establishments
  • Design
  • Coordination of installation, startup and commissioning
  • Warranty service or claims

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